General Info about Psychophrenia

Psychophrenia or more specifically paranoid psychophrenia is a type of psychosis. Individuals with psychophrenia are said to have lost touch with reality or the world. The term psychophrenia is somewhat old school and modern literatures used in medical circles refer to it as schizophrenia or paranoid schizophrenia. Psychophrenia is a very serious medical condition by nature though in comparison to the other types of psychosis, psychophrenia patients can achieve relative success in leading normal lives

How psychophrenia manifests

Psychophrenia manifests itself mentally or psychologically on the patient. The period within which Psychophrenia will manifest itself in a patient ranges from the early teenage years to the mid thirties though middle aged people can rarely experience Psychophrenia. A patient experiences the following are strong indications of Psychophrenia.

·         Elaborate delusions in which the patient view stranger in most of the cases and familiar people at times as solely wanting to cause them harm. This is seen in a defensive behavior and sometimes creating havoc towards the patient’s victim.

·         Auditory hallucinations which compound the magnitudes of delusions

·         Memory loss and poor concentration with time

·         Emotional instability with dull emotions most of the time.

·         The symptoms that are associated with other forms of psychosis may also be experienced by psychophrenia patients though in less secere forms

Causes of psychophrenia

Psychologists and doctors have never really unraveled the real causes of Psychophrenia though the known causes have been linked to genetic and environmental factors.

  • The risk of Psychophrenia is increased if a sibling or blood relation was diagnosed with Psychophrenia even if it was in mild forms. Parents should be on the lookout for the earliest of symptoms in order to take early precautionary measures to control and prevent worsening of the condition.
  • Environmental causes that increases the chances of Psychophrenia are

o   Viral contraction in the utero,

o   Poor nutrition and

o   Excessive exposure or intake of psycho active drugs when the brain is still in the formation stages. This could happen if the mother used such drugs during pregnancy or during early stages of breastfeeding

Distinctive symptoms

Apart from the common hallucianations, delusions, the patient can have crazy ideas like the government being specifically out for them or a close person like a coworker or family member trying to kill them. In some, Psychophrenia may exhibit beliefs of having special powers or super confidence which leads to critical injuries most of the time. Violence and anger, argumentative and condescendingly disgusting behavior may be experienced by some patients.


Psychophrenia has very limited treatment options with anti-psychotic drugs been used most of the times. These drugs may not provide the requisite success but may considerably control the disease. Importantly, Psychophrenia is better handled if the treatment begins early.

Failure to control Psychophrenia early enough will lead to severe forms with anti social behavior. The disease never gets better and can only be controlled. For those whom control has been effective, the patient will still have trouble holding onto jobs and relationships which is a compromise compared to severe forms which leads to homelessness, incarceration and suicides.



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